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Super Affiliate System Review

Review of: 

Super Affiliate System


Product Type: 

Affiliate Marketing Training Platform


John Crestani




$47/month + $187 upsell

What is Super Affiliate System by John Crestani ? 

Super Affiliate System was 100% ReShot from the Ground up for this 2019 Release

It includes all NEW preparing and incorporates things, for example, 

  • Focusing on Data 

  • Advertisement Swipes 

  • PreSell Pages 

  • $895.00 of Network Coupons for Paid Traffic 

  • Also, a whole lot more… 

Anyway, to make an exceptionally long story short – Super Affiliate System gives a simple to-pursue course helping individuals become effective paid traffic subsidiary advertisers in about a month and a half. 


You'll be figuring out how to ace things, for example, 

  • Facebook Ads 

  • Google Ads 

  • Local Ads 

  • Youtube Ads 

  • what's more, significantly more! 

Try not to let that alarm you, you'll begin off with a VERY little promotion go through ($5.00 every day or something like that), and scale up ONLY once that is productive! 

John separates things in a VERY simple to pursue 'well ordered' way that even the most up to date novice can pursue. 

He ALSO gives you formats of gatherings of people, advertisements AND points of arrival to use in your advancements. 

The preparation takes understudies through about a month and a half and more than 50 hours worth of recordings clarifying the subsidiary showcasing process all the way. 

The FIRST two weeks of the course include rudiments, for example, giving you a total comprehension of the plan of action, the attitude expected, how to set up following programming and areas AND how to make presentation pages for offers you need to advance. 

The NEXT couple of long stretches of the course go over how to USE the real traffic sources: 

  • Facebook 

  • Adwords 

  • Local Advertising 

  • YouTube Ads 

  • And so on 

The LAST couple of long stretches of the course go over improvement, scaling offshoot crusades to a huge number of dollars every DAY, and approaches to redistribute and contract work.

Anyway, having said that – here is an OVERVIEW of what you'll be learning in every one of the a month and a half of preparing: 




  • Week 4, FACEBOOK and GOOGLE ADS 

  • Week 5, YOUTUBE and NATIVE ADS 


However, WAIT – There's More! 

On TOP of this, you additionally get FREE Access to John's Free Traffic Training Course, Internet Jetset (ordinarily $47.00 every month) as a part. 

There is another full arrangement of video trainings covering all that you have to think about getting FREE Traffic from destinations like Google, Youtube and FaceBook.


Truly, this item is EXTENSIVE. 

When they state there are a month and a half of preparing they are totally serious. Treat this like instruction and plan on completing 1 hour of considering, and 1 hour of work on/actualizing every day. 

Having said that, this course is AMAZING. While I have not had time yet to experience the whole (new, 2019) refreshed rendition, i've effectively taken in A-LOT from it and am now utilizing what i'm figuring out how to get a positive ROI on my facebook Ads. 

Johns 5,10,20 trap alongside the other preparing, layouts and accomplished for you crusades are out and out stunning.