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My Lead Gen Secret

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Make Money Online with Lead Generation platform & Promoting  Affiliate Products


Jim Harmon



$30 (setup fee) + $30 Per Month

My Lead Gen Secret Review (MLGS)-Leads which Convert into $$$


If you’re tired of spending hours for promoting your affiliate products and spending $100 for Solo Adds, My Lead Gen Secret is just the opportunity for you. My Lead have got high converting Leads which will help you to promote your sales. The Earning Potential is absolutely Amazing not only for your Affiliate Products also for the MLGS Referral Program. This Review is basis of a Test by Fox Review of My Lead Gen Secret.


How Many Leads you will get ?

You will receive 100 leads per day. 100 leads per day x 30 days in a month = 3000 leads for the month.

What Fox Review Likes?

  •  ​Simple user interface

  •  Compliance with GPDR 

  •  Rapid payout to your preferred payment processor within 24hr

  •  Powerful Autoresponder 

  •  No need for web hosting

  •  GREAT Referral System with Recurrence plan

  •  Tracks Hits, Clicks, IP Address of all leads


First and foremost, their high-quality leads. Most of your leads are US based, although, I’ve seen the UK, Australia, and Canada leads as well. Either way, they are what is considered high-quality leads.Well, of course, they are looking to make money online. It’s also been reported that many conversions have happened within several niches. Such as:· Weight loss· Diet and fitness· Plus, many more.However, the leads all have expressed interest, plus requested more information for online business opportunities or internet marketing, which means if you’re reading this review, they are similar to you.

My Lead Gen Secret Tutorial

Promote MMO products via digital marketing platforms like WarriorPlus (our recommendation), Clickbank, JVZoo, Paydot com or Click2Sell. 


The best part about the MLGS system is if you don’t have an offer to promote you can promote the system itself. Even if you had an offer, you still could promote the system.Either way, there is an unlimited earning potential, and here is how it works.#1. Earn $5.00 per month for every member who purchases directly from your affiliate links.#2. Receive $4.00 per month when your referral makes a membership sale.Then it goes down for 5 levels.

Weekly Superstar Bonuses So, what is the weekly superstar bonuses? ​It’s where you can win an unlimited number of $100.00 bonuses each week. Simply refer 5 new confirmed memberships within 7 days, and you’ll get a bonus. Pretty cool, right? In other words, if you get 30 new signs within a week times, you can earn a $600.00 bonus. GET HUGE 5x FREE BONUSES WITH THIS PRODUCT HERE

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