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Oct 24

5 Ways to Focus On The Most Qualified Leads


Here are five ways to determine who your most qualified leads are so you can better manage your team’s time and resources.


1. Ask Leads for More Info

If you have a web page that collects leads for your business by asking visitors to share their contact info, you can add fields to the form to gather more information about them that’s relevant to the purchasing decision.

For example, if you sell to businesses, you might know that businesses with fewer than 50 employees are not likely to become your customers. On your opt-in form, you could add a dropdown field for “business size,” and then prioritize following up with those who have 50 or more employees.

Make sure to gather information that specifically relates to your selling process. If you’re selling a product for dogs, asking them what kind of pets they have might be helpful, but asking them how many pets they have is likely not.

Qualifying leads using fields like this will save time and resources, and storing this information on your leads gives anyone on your team the ability to easily assess them and their position in your sales funnel.


2. Use Lead Routing

Your sales representatives lose valuable follow-up time when leads aren’t sent directly to the appropriate member of your team. Lead routing is the process of distributing leads among your sales team in a formulated way.

Automating this flow of leads helps internal team organization while decreasing time spent on pointing each lead in the right direction.


3. Score Your Leads

Lead scoring is a system by which your contacts are ranked automatically in response to a particular action they take or if info in their contact record meets a set criteria, all of which is determined by you. The resulting score is used to prioritize your contacts and pinpoint how far along they are in your sales funnel. With lead scoring, you can quickly judge how hot a lead is. For example, you could set it so that your leads get 10 points if they visit a tracked link to your sales page, 10 points if they open an email you sent, and 10 more points if they list their job title as “CEO.”

Once their score has broken the threshold that you set to qualify them as a great lead, a task can be automatically triggered for your team to respond accordingly. In this example, you could make it so that whenever leads reach a lead score of 30, an automated task is fired for your team to give them a call. Be sure to look at your company’s past successes to help determine specific actions that customers took before they purchased, customizing the scoring process to your specific company.


4. Qualify Leads With Tripwire Products

Sometimes called “splinter products,” tripwire products are inexpensive products that are easy to sell (meaning that leads will buy them without needing to talk with your team).

Tripwire products help encourage clients to purchase your main product by giving them a taste of what you offer and showing them your willingness to offer value at such a low price. When a lead purchases your tripwire product, you know that they’re serious about what you have to offer, and you can qualify them accordingly.

For example, say you’re in the life-coaching business. You could sell an ebook for $10 that contains some of your best strategies. When leads buy that ebook, you know they’re far more likely to buy your coaching services because they’ve already taken an action that indicates a strong interest. When people pull out their wallets and buy something from you, they become much more likely to buy again — so you know that it’s worth your time to follow up with them.

Make sure that your tripwire product is a good example of what your customers get from your main product. Give them information or tools that are useful to them, but don’t give away too much of your main product. Be sure that your tripwire product is worth much more than you’re asking for it, to show leads your high value. A few examples of tripwire products are discounted consultations, discounted first month subscription, ebooks or sample-sized bottles of your product.

5. Use Better Traffic Sources

You can be sure to find the most qualified leads by carefully selecting where you advertise. A good first step to selecting your advertising platforms is to determine where your leads are currently coming from. Using UTM variables, you can track your lead sources by adding parameters to the end of a URL. This information allows you to see when a lead comes from Facebook, a Google search, an ad campaign, or any other site. Looking at where your leads are coming from will help you decide where best to spend your advertising budget.

Consider the type of advertising or promotion you’re paying for. A general rule of thumb is: the cheaper the lead, the poorer the quality. For example, maybe you’ve noticed that inexpensive ads, like Facebook Audience Network ads, can bring a staggering number of visits to your lead capture page and a decent increase in new leads. However, these new leads are not necessarily within your target audience and might not be interested in your products and services.


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  • Method #1: Blog Amazing Content Your blogs will lay the foundation for all your marketing efforts. This is where your potential customers will learn who you are, what you do, and want to hire your services or buy your products. Besides, your blogs and how you respond to the messages you get will give you an opportunity to capture leads and nurture a lasting and good relationship with your website visitors. Make sure you first own a website, and you can do this at the least possible price. Method #2: Create Your Google My Business Account You have to make your business visible in local searches. Doing this will show your business on Google+ and Google Maps as well. Method #3: Get Your Business on National Magazines and Websites How do you like the idea of being visible to readers of some of the renowned local or national magazines? Get published online on some of those sites. HARO is an example of such sites. Method #4: Email Marketing This is one of the cheapest and almost free ways to market your business online. Every business must have its own email list, so start working on one for your business. Of course, as a startup looking for low budget ways to market your business, you would want to use free email marketing platforms. MailChimp is an example you must explore. My Lead Gen Secret Method #5: Share your articles on other sites Ever heard about guest posting? Most people mistake this for paid blogging – it does not always have to be paid. You can find sites that accept free guest posts and share your articles there. Add your bio on those sites to make brand awareness. This can go a long way in building a reliable and trustable profile online. Method #6: Attend local events Social networking is a great way of making your business visible online. We are what we do is one such place and most countries have at least one social network where you can meet potential customers in your area. It is a free marketing method, and very effective as well. Method #7: Make a social presence Social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter are the best place to create brand awareness. Simply make your account and pages on the different platforms and begin sharing information and offers about your products and services. The more posts you share on your social pages, the more it becomes visible online. When you blog, share the link on your social pages. This will get you some comments and likes, so try to engage the people visiting your page. Method #8: Host Webinars Make your profile stronger by showing your authority in your business niche. The more valuable information you share online, the more people will see your expertise in what you do. This will inadvertently create a social image for you. Once that tells people that you are an expert and reliable too, they will come to find you eventually. Hosting a webinar does not cost so much. All you need is a good webcam or audio system to speak to your guests and you sharing the information with the audience. There are numerous free webinar platforms, so sign up there and make the most of it. Some great places to start are Webinars OnAir ($19.97/month), or MeetCheap ($9.97/month). Hangouts On Air is probably the cheapest because it is 100% free. Explore these options, though there are many more out there. Method #9: Join Communities online Become a respected and valued member of communities online. You can find numerous communities online on Yahoo, Bing, and other such places. Quora is also one of the rising names online nowadays. Create your account there and start engaging in valuable discussions with people. Sharing information that helps people is one of the best ways to become a valued member of online communities. Be great at what you do, and share information that will make people see you as the expert and want to follow you online. Method #10: Comment on Blogs Online Just as it is a good idea to engage people who comment on your posts on social media, you too should follow other pages and brands online. Leave interesting comments there so that people see you and notice your comments. Be polite and positive always, because a good impression online is the key to success. If you earn a bad reputation online, it can chase you for a long time, so be cautious. Method #11: Business Listings and Directories Consider registering your business on Yelp. There are thousands of business listing sites on the World Wide Web. Get on as many as possible, especially sites like Yelp. Register your business and increase your visibility on search engines. Method #12: Create a Facebook Group It is always a great idea to make a group where your prospect customers can join. However, the trick is not to make it about your business. Do not use the group to market your business, talk about other informative things, related to your business. Be subtle in marketing; do not have a direct marketing approach. Method #13: Share Free Info-packs on your website. A free eBook can go a long way in marketing your brand at a low cost. You can easily hire a content writer to get it written, or write a short five-page manual on something. Use it as a free give away to visitors on your site. Make a sales funnel and list get their emails as well so that you can always reach out to them with new offers and news. Method #14: Use the Free Ad Credits on Google Google gives you $40 worth of free ads if you start a campaign for the first time. PPC definitely costs a lot but you can avail of this offer and make the most of it. Place Google ads to market your brand online. Facebook is also one of the most cost-effective advertising platforms. There are free credit vouchers that you can take advantage of, so give it a go. Method #15: Offer Free Onsite Classes One of the best ways to become visible online is by sharing free informative content like lessons or videos talking about things. Teach people something about your niche. Method #16: Own a YouTube Channel This is something that doesn’t cost you anything. Make an account on YouTube, and start sharing vlogs. As mentioned above, sharing valuable content is the key to visibility online. Videos tend to be a quicker and better way of creating brand awareness. Share them on social networks and even make ads to show your brand authority online. Method #17: Leverage Social Influencers People listen to social influencers. Get in touch with some of the renowned personalities and try to get them to talk about you or meet with you. If you are lucky, you might even get some social influencers to blog about you or share video interviews with you. Let them help you share some information about your product or services. This costs you a bit, but not much, so try it. In fact, you might get lucky and get some to do this as a favor for you in exchange for something, perhaps a free product or service from you in exchange. Method #18: Write a Book About You Ever heard about professional authority? It means writing about what you do best to show people that you know what you do better than anyone can. It is a competitive world out there, so what you need to do is beat your competition down by standing out from the crowd. Let people see you as one of the best professionals in the industry. The eBook should be informative and resonate with your professional experience and your skills. It should be proof to people that you know what you do and you definitely are an expert. Method #19: Encourage UGC What is UGC? It means “User Generated Content.” That is, content that unpaid fans create and share online about your business. They share their experience with you to tell friends and family why they like you and recommend you. In other words, reviews! You can highlight those reviews and share them on social networks too. You may even offer rewards to happy customers who leave positive reviews in the form of coupons or special offers/ discounts to benefit from your business. Method #20: Leverage the Power of Google Analytics and Search Console If you have taken using these tools lightly, then stop now. Take them seriously, because they can help you with the most valuable information about your website visitors and tell you how people are using your website. You can then fix a site map and help search engines crawl your website to become more visible online. Most importantly, these are free ways to get your business visible online.
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